LeBron James Sends Pro Golfer Jason Day’s Wife To The Hospital After Crashing Into Her During NBA Game!

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Best wishes for Ellie Day!

The wife of professional golfer Jason Day, Ellie was at a basketball game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night when she got a little TOO much of LeBron James!

Yes, that’s possible.

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In the fourth quarter of the very close game at Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena, the NBA star was hustling hard trying to save a loose ball when he ran into the stands — and right into Ellie, knocking her over and landing on top of her with all 6’8″ and 250 pounds of his athletic frame!!

Watch the whole thing go down (below):

Ellie was removed on a stretcher, as you can see, and taken to a local hospital. Scary!!!

The pro golfer accompanied his wife as she was carried away from the court.

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After the game, Cavs coach David Blatt spoke about what he saw with the basketball play that turned into a serious injury:

“Honestly, the only thing I saw was LeBron diving for the ball to save the ball … We all hope that she’s OK. It’s always concerned me, the sideline seats. Always concerned me, because things like that, when you’re talking about players of this speed and physicality and effort level, it’s not a simple thing. The powers that be are the ones that really need to decide how to deal with that. He made an honest attempt at the basketball, that’s all, obviously. We all hope she’s OK.”

LeBron obviously felt awful about the incident himself, speaking to reporters after what would end up being a 104-100 win for the Cavs:

“For me, obviously, her health is very important and hopefully she is doing well. The guys told me she’s doing great now. For me, just going for a loose ball, tried to keep the possession going, I just hate that that was the end result.”

He also tweeted a show of support:

Now this morning, we are now learning that Ellie at least appears to be OK, with reports indicating she’s been released from the hospital:

At least it sounds like she’s OK.

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Thinking good thoughts for her recovery!!

[Image via YouTube.]

Dec 18, 2015 9:54am PDT

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