Republican Voters Have Some VERY Strong Opinions About Aladdin… See The Shocking Real Poll Numbers About Bombing ‘Agrabah’!

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This is just absurd.

A new poll by Public Policy Polling — who gather data about candidates and voting trends — is almost too ridiculous to be believed.

Sadly, it’s all too legit.

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The poll centered around Muslims in the United States, and there were some REALLY scary responses to their questions — including the fact that 30% of GOP voters would bomb Agrabah.

That’s right, Agrabah, the country from Aladdin — not even a real place — is on 30% of GOP voters’ minds as somewhere they think America should be bombing:

That was against 13% who were opposed to bombing Agrabah, by the way, and 57% who were “not sure.”

So by a margin of 2-to-1, GOP voters who think they know about Agrabah want to bomb it?!

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Maybe we should just be glad that nearly 60% weren’t sure…

The Aladdin jokes are funny — Public Policy Polling is on a Jimmy Kimmellevel of trolling here — but there are some REALLY disturbing serious responses in their poll breakdown, too. For example:

-26% of GOP respondents think Islam should be illegal in the United States

-46% want a national database of Muslims in the United States

-54% would ban Muslims from entering the United States


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This is all likely a product of Donald Trump‘s bigotry and fear-mongering!

Let’s hope SMARTER heads prevail in the Republican party, because this is BAD.

Dec 18, 2015 12:47pm PDT

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