Crazy — Australian Lifeguard Saves Prince Of Denmark From Drowning In Rip Current!

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What a lucky prince!

Prince Christian, Denmark’s 10-year-old prince and the son of Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederick in line for the crown, was saved by a lifeguard from drowning in Australia this week.

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The child was swimming down under off the Gold Coast, when he was pulled into the ocean by a dangerous rip current, and wasn’t able to swim back to shore.

Nick Malcolm, a lifeguard working on the beach, noticed what was happening and rushed out to Christian to bring him back in to safety.

Malcolm downplayed the whole incident, though, not even realizing who he had saved!

Stuart Keay, Malcolm’s head lifeguard, told reporters the entire beach safey staff had no idea who they had just saved:

“We got him before it got too serious, but he wouldn’t have come back in. A lady came up and said ‘Do you know who that is?'”

Apparently, Christian wasn’t that bothered by the incident.

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Even better, Malcolm received a personal thank you from Crown Prince Frederick.

‘Tis the season!

Dec 20, 2015 6:41pm PDT

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