Martin Shkreli Fired From His New Big Pharma CEO Gig In Wake Fraud Charges!

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Couldn’t have happened to a worse guy.

Martin Shkreli has been fired as CEO of KaloBios Pharmaceuticals, a company that the controversial hedge fund investor had purchased just a month ago after his controversial decision to price-gouge an HIV drug for a separate pharmaceutical company.

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The most recent firing comes after Shkreli was arrested on securities fraud charges for allegedly running a Ponzi-like scheme at his former pharmaceutical company (that, in addition to raising the prices of a life-saving drug to fight HIV from $13.50 to $750.00).

In a regulatory filing revealed on Monday after Shkreli’s resignation, the KaloBios was quick to note:

“There were no disagreements with the company that led to the resignations.”

In addition to Shkreli, one of the individuals who had joined KaloBios’ board of directors last month — Tony Chase — has also resigned from the company.

For now, due to Shkreli’s alleged scams at his old company Turing Pharmaceuticals, KaloBios has also been temporarily banned from trading on the NASDAQ stock market, as well.

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Martin, you are truly the worst businessman in the world — and we live in a world with Donald Trump, so that’s REALLY saying something!

[Image via Martin Shkreli/Twitter.]

Dec 21, 2015 6:00pm PDT

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