Harrison Ford Made HOW MUCH For Star Wars: The Force Awakens?? (HINT: It’s 76 Times More Than Daisy Ridley!)

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The smart folks at Disney had a hunch that Star Wars: The Force Awakens would obliterate the box office its opening weekend — because they paid the actors VERY handsomely!

But in a new report, the franchise newbies’ salaries didn’t hold a lightsaber to that of the OG space explorer Han Solo, aka Harrison Ford!

According to The Daily Mail‘s math, the actor could make more than $34 million for his role in the seventh installment of the blockbuster series when all is said and done!

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The 73-year-old’s Death Star-sized paycheck is based on a $25 million upfront deal AND a 0.5% share of the film’s earnings — which could cash in at another $9 million if the film surpasses the $2 billion mark at the global box office (which it looks pretty likely to do)!

But no one in the cast is making anywhere NEAR that much for their roles!

Ford’s figure is roughly 76 times the $450,000 flat fee given to John Boyega and Daisy Ridley — and 22 times the $1.5 mil check Carrie Fisher is set to receive for reprising the role of Leia!

While Ford’s galactic salary is light years above his costars’, a Disney source told the Mail that securing his role in the film was crucial, explaining:

“Harrison is the key to making this movie work. He’s the link between the old generation and the new. Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher were good to get, but the film could have lived without them. You couldn’t make it without Harrison Ford.”

Do YOU think Ford should be making that much more than his costars?

[Image via Disney.]

Dec 21, 2015 6:58pm PST

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