Tinder Match Leads To Life-Saving Kidney Donation — After Just One Date!

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What an incredible story!

Rich O’Dea was getting his Tinder on this past July when he came across a pretty woman and swiped right.

When the woman, Jennifer Thomas, also swiped right, the two hit it off online and eventually went to a concert together.

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After a long conversation on the first date, O’Dea told Thomas about his friend, Erika Bragan.

Erika was suffering from polycystic kidney disease, and was desperately looking for a donor match to replace a kidney. She hadn’t been able to find a match yet among her family and friends, and was set to undergo dialysis soon.

Thomas, hearing the story, got herself tested — and what do you know, she was a perfect match!!!

Then — again, after just one date — Thomas decided to undergo surgery last month to give up a kidney to Bragan!

The incredibly generous stranger said of her decision to donate her kidney:

“Anytime that you hear of some in need don’t you kind of think, ‘What can I do’?’ I do.”

And now we’re happy to report all involved are healthy and doing GREAT!

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Bragan was amazed at how things all worked out:

“I was just getting ready to start dialysis and start that whole process. The timing just couldn’t be more perfect.”

And Thomas saw the bigger picture of her decision to donate:

“It saved a life, it changed mine and I feel like it’s impacted a lot more people that just our little circle.”

Who knew that swiping right could save a life?!

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O’Dea is still shocked that his Tinder match with Thomas led to all this:

“I thought she was pretty. I figured I’d take a chance and swipe right. It’s absolutely blown my mind.”


Check out more of the story (below):

So glad to see it all worked out!! Maybe Tinder isn’t so bad after all

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Dec 22, 2015 1:58pm PDT

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