FBI Tracks Pirated The Hateful Eight Movie Leak To A Top Hollywood Exec!

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In case you hadn’t heard, The Hateful Eight suffered a second major leak this week.

After an early draft of the script hit the ‘net in early 2014, Quentin Tarantino almost canned the entire project.

But he persevered and went on to rewrite and rewrite and eventually made a big damn 70mm western. And now, just days before its limited Christmas Day release, that has leaked online as well!

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This time, however, The Weinstein Company and no less than the Federal Bureau of Investigation had QT’s back, and they’ve already traced the pirated copy to a studio executive!

Based on the specific watermark on the leaked video, the FBI found it was a screener DVD sent to Alcon Entertainment co-CEO Andrew Kosove for award consideration viewing.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the production-finance company is cooperating with the FBI’s investigation. Kosove said:

“I’ve never seen this DVD. It’s never touched my hands. We’re going to do more than cooperate with the FBI. We’re going to conduct our own investigation to find out what happened.”

FBI investigators are visiting Alcon’s headquarters to try and determine the chain of custody of the DVD — and where it broke.

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As many as 600,000 copies were reportedly downloaded illegally in the first day, which saw the near simultaneous leak of The Revenant.

It may be impossible put the genie back in the bottle this time, but hopefully serious consequences for those responsible could help to curb the problem of leaked screeners in the future.

The Hateful Eight opens everywhere December 31.

[Image via The Weinstein Company.]

Dec 23, 2015 1:57pm PDT

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