Vatican Paper SLAMS Star Wars: The Force Awakens For Not Being Evil Enough?! See The Reasoning HERE!

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The Force isn’t strong in the Vatican.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opened last Friday and has not only broken all kinds of box office records, but has received rave reviews from critics across the globe.

Unfortunately, there’s one newspaper that didn’t think the new sci-fi adventure was most impressive — the Vatican’s daily newspaper L’Osservatore Romano.

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The paper not only criticized the most recent entry in the Star Wars saga, calling it “confused and hazy” but states it is:

“Not a classy reboot however, like Nolan’s Batman, but a twisted update which fits today’s tastes and a public more accustomed to sitting in front of a computer than in a cinema.”

The review, which was written by an anonymous writer, went on to say the film seems to represent the “sloppiest current action films derived from the world of video games.”

The biggest mistake the reviewer thinks the film made was in creating evil villains. The review states:

“Darth Vader and above all the Emperor Palpatine were two of the most effective villains in [the sci-fi] genre of American cinema.”

Not only that but, it goes on to say the film’s main baddie, Kylo Ren, is “insipid” and the Supreme Leader Snoke, who Ren answers to, is “the most serious defect of the film,” and ultimately comes across as “awkward and tacky.”

Regardless of the paper’s review, The Force Awakens still has a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes and seems to be loved by most everyone else. Not to mention L’Osservatore Romano has a history of disliking popular movies — it thought Avatar was “sentimental hokum”. LOLz!

What did you think of The Force Awakens?!

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Dec 23, 2015 2:46pm PDT

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