Facebook User Solves ‘Ancient’ Archaeology Mystery That Had Scientists Stumped — And NO, It’s Not A Dildo…

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Nicolas Cage should totally steal this thing next.

A rather phallic ancient, golden object was recently discovered in a cemetery in Jerusalem that left scientists scratching their heads.

For months, the Israel Antiquities Authority National Treasures Department tried to figure out what the artifact was, but simply couldn’t come up with a satisfying answer.

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That’s when they decided to get social media involved… and it took less than three hours for one Facebook user to identify the golden rod.

And as it turns out, the “ancient” artifact wasn’t even that old at all! The Dept. wrote:

“Several hours after the story’s publication, [Facebook user] Micah Barak identified the object as a device that is supposed to provide ‘energetic protection’ and is designed for use by naturopaths and those involved in New Age energy healing. The object, manufactured by a German company, is called an Isis Beamer, named after the Egyptian goddess Isis, which according to Egyptian mythology was the goddess of healing, magic and nature.”

It does look like it’s in too good a condition to really be hundreds of years old.

Luckily for the winner, Micah has been invited to tour the Treasures Department if he ever makes his way to Israel!

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Although, the IAANTD is still curious as to why someone buried a modern piece of naturopathy equipment amongst a tomb full of dead bodies.

We still think it looks like a sex toy, though…

[Image via Israel Antiquities Authority National Treasures Department/Facebook.]

Dec 24, 2015 2:47pm PDT

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