High School Student Fights Back After Getting Sent Home For Wearing Leggings! See What She Did HERE!

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Now that’s a great way to send a message!

Rose Lynn was sent home from her high school for wearing leggings that “may distract young boys” — so she fought back in a pretty clever way!

The 17-year-old told People that her English teacher and school principal called her outfit “inappropriate” when she came to school wearing leggings and a shirt that didn’t cover her crotch.

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While the Lawton, Oklahoma teen said she was respectful at first, she got irritated when the faculty members voiced their concern about how her outfit would be seen!

She said:

“I was respectful initially. It wasn’t until they proceeded to say I had to change because of boys that I got upset.”

Not going down without a fight, Lynn launched a “silent protest” when she returned to school wearing a large, homemade t-shirt over her leggings. On the shirt, she wrote “It Doesn’t Cover your CROTCH” and “You’ll distract the boys” in Sharpie!

She explained:

“I did it in such a way that I wasn’t causing a disruptive scene or would get in trouble, but would still be able to get my point across.”

The faculty didn’t approve of the silent protest either, pulling Lynn out of school — this time for allegedly not having her school ID.

Lynn shared the incident on Facebook on December 11, in a post that has over 20,000 likes, in which she details her disappointment in the school’s reaction because what it tells other female students.

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With all this, the teen hopes to give other young girls a voice and inspire them to take a stand as well, adding:

“I hope young girls realize that they are far more than just sexual objects. Their education should be valued and not halted because of some administration’s views on how young men will react to their attire.”

This girl is inspiring! We applaud Lynn for standing up to her administration and speaking her mind!

Check out what her mom had to say (below)!

Rose Lynn is my daughter. She has worn this same outfit to school twice this year, with no problems. The teacher asked…
Posted by Misti Evans Delgado on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

[Image via Facebook.]

Dec 24, 2015 11:09am PDT

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