Zayn Malik Has Mixed Feelings About Girlfriend Gigi Hadid Starring In His First Solo Music Video! What’s The Problem??

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It’s every 20-something guy’s dilemma: whether or not to have your hot model girlfriend in your first solo music video.

According to insiders, this is exactly the “problem” Zayn Malik is facing with his new lady love Gigi Hadid. Now that Zayn is preparing to release his first music vid post One Direction, he’s considering all of his creative options… including Gigi.

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While the top model would no doubt bring a lot of publicity to Malik’s debut, his team is reportedly concerned about the couple’s dueling star power.

One confidante told HollywoodLife:

“Gigi would gladly appear in one of his upcoming videos. The only thing that has been talked about though concerning any music video of his is that he has to be the star of it. With her in it, it could possibly take away his thunder. So they would have to use her correctly if she was ever used.”

Hmm, it sounds like the 22-year-old is having a bit of a diva moment! Perhaps Z.M. should consult The Weeknd for advice… he did have Bella Hadid star in his latest project, after all!

Or maybe the singer is feeling conflicted about having Joe Jonas‘ leftovers in his video! We wouldn’t be shocked to hear that Malik doesn’t want to be associated with DNCE

Either way, we’re sure the two will work it out!

So, do YOU think Gigi should star in the video?

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Dec 24, 2015 1:09pm PDT

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