Game Of Thrones Is The Most Pirated Show Of 2015 — Find Out The Rest Of TV’s Top 10 Most Illegally Watched!

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HBO tried to keep the pirates at bay for the season five of Game Of Thrones — but just like Jon Snow trying to run the Night’s Watch, the efforts were futile!

The Emmy-winning fantasy series has for the FOURTH time in a row become the most pirated TV series of the year!

According to the piracy tracking site TorrentFreak, the season 5 finale had 14.4 million illegal downloads worldwide — more than any other episode of television!

The site also confirmed that GoT is by far the most downloaded show overall for the year, despite HBO’s efforts to reduce illegal downloading!

Photo: Emilia Clarke Shares Selfie With Costar Alfie Allen!

The premium cable company aired episodes of the most recent season on the same day worldwide, trying to eliminate complaints from international fans who had to wait weeks after the U.S. airing.

HBO Now also made its debut, which allowed viewers to subscribe to the channel without the daunting commitment of cable subscription — though they had to watch on an Apple device.

Even with all the illegal viewing, Game of Thrones still had record ratings (around 20 million viewers per episode) and a record breaking sweep at the Emmys with 12 wins!

Other shows that made the most-pirated list include AMC‘s The Walking Dead, and big titles like The Big Bang Theory and Arrow. Newcomers made the pirated list too — like hacker drama Mr. Robot and CBSSupergirl!

Is YOUR favorite show getting attacked by pirates? Check out the top ten most illegally watched shows (below):

1. Game Of Thrones (est. 14.4 million downloads)
2. The Walking Dead (est. 6.9 million downloads)
3. The Big Bang Theory (est. 4.4 million downloads)
4. Arrow (est. 3.9 million downloads)
5. The Flash (est. 3.6 million downloads)
6. Mr. Robot (est. 3.5 million downloads)
7. Vikings (est. 3.3 million downloads)
8. Supergirl (est. 3 million downloads)
9. The Blacklist (est. 2.9 million downloads)
10. Suits (est. 2.6 million downloads)

[Image via HBO.]

Dec 28, 2015 11:03am PST

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