What Heat Wave?! Man Surprises Wife With Fake Snow For A ‘White Christmas’ In Record High Temperatures!

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This is so cute!

Pretty much the entire state of Virginia has been experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures recently.

But one husband didn’t want his wife to miss out on a white Christmas — so he made it snow! Well, sort of!

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Trevor Smithson, who works as a special effects designer in the film industry, felt bad before Christmas when he heard his wife Kourtney had never experienced snow on the holiday.

Like any good young husband in a new marriage, Trevor got to work creating a fake winter wonderland outside of their Richmond home — and completely shocked Kourtney with an incredible fake snow surprise!

Kourtney told reporters how down in the dumps she had been before the surprise about another year — her 24th — without snow on Christmas:

“A month or so ago, when the warm weather hit, I told him that I don’t remember it ever snowing on Christmas day. I just said, ├óΓé¼╦£Maybe next year we can go somewhere where it will snow on Christmas. I really want a white Christmas.'”

Next year?! Please! Trevor was on it despite the temp on Christmas Day hitting 75 degrees!!

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Kourtney recalled:

“I was in the kitchen, which is in the back of the house, and he came in and said he needed my help. I came out in my tank top and capri pajama pants and he turned on the blower and started blowing snow. I started crying, obviously, and he gave a very proud smile and put his arm around me while he was blowing snow all over the house. I think he was very pleased with himself as I was in shock and very happy.”

Christmas pretty much stopped after the snow “fell,” with friends and family coming over to enjoy the ersatz weather:

“Everyone just stopped and played in it for a while. There was about six inches of it so we made snow angels. It was definitely, by far, the best gift I’ve ever gotten.”

Sounds pretty fun — snow to play with and no cold weather to have to fight?!

Sign us up! We’ll just let someone else do the shoveling… Ha!!

[Image via ABC News.]

Dec 28, 2015 6:02pm PST

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