Hayden Christensen Was Almost In The Force Awakens! See How The Prequel Star Would Have Appeared HERE!

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens introduced us to some pretty dark villains!

But the film almost included a sinister character from the prequels that some fans like to pretend never actually happened — Hayden Christensen‘s Anakin Skywalker!

[Minor spoilers!]

While Anakin was one of the few Star Wars characters who didn’t made a cameo in The Force Awakens, we could be seeing him in Episode VIII or Rogue One!

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As of now, we don’t know if the not-so-fan-favorite character will return to the franchise. But if he does decide to rear his head, we know what Anakin is supposed to look like!

According to a new book titled The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, concept art reveals Anakin would have been depicted as a disfigured ghost:

In the early stages of development, artist Ian McCraig proposed that the ghost of Anakin could return — in the form of an evil force ghost with a light AND dark side!

As for who Anakin would be haunting, fans are speculating it’s Daisy Ridley‘s Rey — who discovered her connections to the force in the film!

Hmmm… this could be interesting to explore in the next films, but we think leaving this storyline out of The Force Awakens was the right call!

What do YOU think about Anakin’s potential appearance as a creepy ghost?

[Image via Disney.]

Dec 28, 2015 6:20pm PST

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