Don’t Come For Carrie Fisher About Her Age! Actress Reminds Her Ageist Haters That She’s Just A ‘Brain Bag’!

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Carrie Fisher won’t be pushed around!

In response to fans and Star Wars enthusiasts who’ve called out the actress for looking a bit long in the tooth, Carrie posted a series of epic messages in her defense.

Translation: don’t mess with Fisher.

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Sadly enough, the rant comes on the heels of C.F. revealing she was encouraged to lose 35 pounds for Princess Leia back in the day. Hopefully this will be the last time Carrie will have to defend her looks!

Check out the messages (below)!

Well said, girl!

Luckily for the smart cookie, some fans had her back:

Good point! Carrie IS a gem!

So, what do you think of Fisher’s tweets?

[Image via Twitter.]

Dec 29, 2015 6:50pm PDT

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