Russell Crowe SLAMS Airline For Not Allowing Sons’ Hoverboards On Flight — Read The Exchange HERE!

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A hoverboard is a hoverboard — no matter who it belongs to!

The extremely popular self-balancing toy has been banned from the majority of airlines after there have been several cases of the boards spontaneously bursting into flames. Ummm yikes!

Still, Russell Crowe is not a happy camper that his kids’ new toys weren’t allowed on their Virgin Australia flight.

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The 51-year-old Oscar-winner took to Twitter to advertise his dismay:

The exact cause of the fires is still under investigation, but many believe it to be because of the lithium batteries or faulty plugs.

Virgin Australia promptly responded to explain the ban:

The Gladiator star must not have seen the airline’s explanation, as he continued:

Despite his concern, the airline assured him that the information already is available during pre-flight correspondence:

We’d say Virgin Australia, 1, and Russell, 0.

Many passengers have spoken out in defense of the airline, thanking them for putting safety first.

Comedian Joel Creasey even hopped in on the conversation:

Needless to say, the New Zealand native did NOT find that very amusing:

Something tells us they could just get new hoverboards at their destination at this point?? Maybe ones that won’t burst into flames??

What do U think of all of this, Perezcious readers??

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Dec 29, 2015 10:47am PST

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