Affluenza Teen & His Mom Got Caught In Mexico Because They Ordered A Pizza…

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Too much dough is still this kid’s problem.

You know how Eva Longoria and Sarah Hyland are currently in those Domino’s commercials where they can order pizza from “AnyWare”?

Well it looks like the fast food chain has yet another well known spokesperson… only this time the infamous face will be ordering his food from behind bars.

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As you may have heard, the Affluenza Teen Ethan Couch was picked up in Mexico Monday alongside his mother Tonya Couch — the two had fled Texas after video of the 18-year-old breaking his probation at a beer pong party surfaced online.

We were a bit curious as to how the mother and son pair were spotted in Puerto Vallarta seeing as Ethan looks nothing like he did back in 2013 when he killed four people in a drunk driving accident, but believe it or not, it turns out it was his own laziness that got him captured.

Apparently, Ethan and Tonya were so famished from avoiding the law for weeks that they decided to order a pizza on one of their cell phones instead of, you know, walking to a local restaurant like any criminal worth his weight in ‘za would do!

Ethan will still be tried as a juvenile for fleeing the country which could land him four months in jail…

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However, his case will most likely switch over to adult court now and if he ever breaks his probation again in the next eight years, he could go to jail for the maximum sentence.

Most recently, reports have surfaced that the Couches are seeking to challenge extradition to the U.S., so this could go on a while…

Do U foresee the Affluenza Teen ever obeying the law??

[Image via Jalisco St. Prosecutor’s Office.]

Dec 30, 2015 10:56am PDT

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