Affluenza Teen Gets To Stay In Mexico For Weeks Due To Legal Loophole, While His Mother Is Already In U.S. Jail!

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Of course he found a lucky break.

Ethan Couch has been one of the most notorious teenagers in America ever since he killed four people in a drunk driving accident in 2013 — and got off based on his “affluenza.”

We reported that the 18-year-old and his mother were caught in Puerto Vallarta on Monday after fleeing the country once video of the Affluenza teen breaking his probation at a beer pong party surface online, but it seems like he may have just caught another lucky break.

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That’s because while his mother Tonya Couch was returned to the country and arrested for hindering apprehension in Los Angeles on Thursday, Ethan is actually still in Mexico!

And he could be for a while…

Apparently, a Mexican court put an injunction on the Texan’s deportation since he entered the country illegally, so he could stay in their custody anywhere from three days to a couple of months depending on the migration process.

Ethan would still be tried as a juvenile once he returns to America and could face four months in prison for fleeing the country… but if he is ever caught drinking in the next eight years, he could face the maximum sentence.

Do YOU think the Affluenza teen is getting off too light??

[Image via Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office/Jalisco St. Prosecutor’s Office.]

Dec 31, 2015 11:35am PDT

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