Kim Kardashian Plans To ‘Shed The Baby Weight’ & MORE In 2016! Read All Her Resolutions HERE!

Kim Kardashian has a whole list of resolutions!

What hasn’t Kim Kardashian West accomplished in 2015??

The momma of two recently gave birth, came out with her own Kimoji app, and practically got featured on every fashion magazine this year.

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Which is why we find it so hard to believe the 35-year-old doesn’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, but in a message written on her website, she says:

“To be honest, I’m not really into New Year’s resolutions. I’ve done them before, but I don’t believe in them. For some people, they are a good jumping off point, but for me I like to set goals throughout the year.”

So that’s how she does it! She’s not resolving to do something, she’s actually going out and doing it!

As Kimmy puts it:

“I think setting little goals every month is productive and long-term goals (like saving money or learning a new language) are important, too. But I don’t need a new calendar year to do that.”

Instead, Miz West will be putting her energy towards her “little goals”, like:

“In the next coming months I’d obviously like to shed the baby weight. That’s the big one to accomplish first! I’d also like to finish our home next year, so we’re working hard to make decisions and meet deadlines so it gets done. I’d like to do some really cool photo shoots for my Web site. I want to do a couple more fun weekend trips with my Twitter followers that I haven’t met yet. I also want to plan a West family vacation├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥it’s a project in itself to find the time! Oh, I also want to learn how to do the splits LOL! And I’m sure I’ll think of more things along the way! So even though I don’t necessarily believe in the traditional New Year’s resolutions, I do believe in setting goals to keep pushing yourself forward! Happy New Year, you guys!!!!”

AND last but not least, you can’t forget your momma, especially when she’s Kris Jenner! Taking to Twitter, the social media maven wrote:

Aww! We’re sure motherhood has shed some light on just how much KJ does for the family!

Maybe that means the momager will score a ticket to this West family vacay Kim is talking about. LOLz!

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Dec 31, 2015 2:58pm PDT

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