Camille Cosby Remains Very Committed To Bill Cosby Despite His Felony Sexual Assault Charge

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Camille Cosby continues to pull the wool over her eyes!

Just a week after Bill Cosby was charged with felony sexual assault, insiders have come forward to reveal that his wife Camille is still supportive. In fact, Mrs. Cosby has no intentions of leaving her scandalized husband!

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A source said of the confusing situation:

“They remain steadfast and resolute about working through this together. They have every intention of reclaiming their dignity and their name.”

Hmm, maybe this is why C.C. is vigorously fighting a deposition in which she has to testify whether or not she provided the comedian with quaaludes used to sedate his alleged victims. It’s clear the 71-year-old will do anything she can to protect her partner even if it means dodging the courts.

Also, we find it increasingly unlikely that the Cosbys will be able to reclaim their “dignity” considering the recent charge and insane amount of alleged victims in this horrific saga. The duo are losing supporters by the minute!

We guess we’ll have to wait and see whether or not Camille actually testifies and how this will influence their marriage!

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Jan 5, 2016 1:31pm PDT

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