Making A Murderer Lawyer Facing Restraining Order After Pressuring Client In Homicide Case — Get The Deets!

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***WARNING: Making a Murderer Spoilers Below***

Well this is interesting!

If you’ve already binged through Netflix’s hit docu-series Making a Murderer, then we’re sure you’re like us and wanting more info on what is currently happening with the people involved.

While the series mainly focuses on the controversial true crime case of Steven Avery for allegedly murdering a young woman by the name of Teresa Halbach back in 2005, the series also explores the confession and case of Steven’s nephew, Brendan Dassey.

Since the release of the documentary, we’ve heard from the prosecutor and former DA Ken Kratz about his thoughts on the series as well as Avery’s former defense lawyer, Dean Strang.

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One controversial figure we haven’t caught up with yet, is the man who briefly represented Brendan, Len Kachinsky, after the teenager confessed to his involvement in Teresa’s murder.

Kachinsky came under a lot of scrutiny in the documentary, as well as from Strang for — as the docu-series presents it — hiring a private investigator to force a written confession out of Dassey and then allowing the police to interrogate the 16-year-old without a lawyer being there.

Well apparently the controversy doesn’t stop there for Kachinsky as another man, David Reimer, has come forward and claimed the lawyer pressured him into cutting a deal, despite claiming he was innocent.

In 2009, Len represented Reimer in a case where he was accused of shaking his baby to death. David entered a no contest plea to reckless homicide and child abuse and was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

Well the convicted man’s mother, Lynn, has come forward and claimed that Kachinsky pressured her son into the no contest plea and feels David’s lawyer never sought to investigate the 2 1/2 month old baby’s mother, who Lynn claims was home during the time of death.

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But the story doesn’t stop there as David’s mother also says that as a result, she filed a complaint with the State Bar and since then, cops started showing up at her house and spying on her! She thinks that cops just wanted to nail someone so they could close the case and Kachinsky helped the police in their mission.

While this definitely seems a bit out there, and possibly just a wild conspiracy, Lynn is seeking to get a restraining order against Len and has a hearing set for January 27.

The lawyer, of course, stands his ground with David’s plea and said he “didn’t stand much of a chance in trial.”

After watching the documentary, it’s hard to believe that Kachinsky actually did what was best for Brendan in his case since the teenager was trying to say he was innocent.

Regardless, it was a documentary attempting to get us to see things one way, and this could all just be a result of people looking to cash in on the popularity and controversy surrounding Making A Murderer.

What do you think?

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Jan 5, 2016 8:18am PDT

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