Anonymous Facebook Poster Continues To Promise Upcoming Mass Shooting At Indiana High School

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This is so unbelievably scary.

Plainfield High School in Plainfield, Indiana has been under a constant threat of terror over the last two weeks ever since an anonymous Facebook page started releasing extremely graphic and specific threats about a mass shooting that will take place at the school at some point in the near future.

The threats have centered around a girl at the school initially identified only as Millie, with the poster seeming to want very serious and horrifying payback against the poor high school student.

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Back in mid-December when the threats began, both Plainfield and neighboring Danville shut down their high schools as law enforcement scrambled to figure out where the threats were coming from, as well as whether to deem them credible enough for concern.

Not surprisingly, most parents didn’t wait for cops to tell them if school was safe and started keeping their kids at home.

That is, until yesterday when classes resumed with officials screening every single student with wands and metal detectors. However, tensions ran high as even more messages were allegedly posted briefly to social media before being immediately taken down Tuesday morning, saying

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SO scary.

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The most terrifying part of this whole story is that the potential shooter clearly knows about the school’s layout and schedules, so the students don’t really know who to trust.

For safety’s sake, let’s hope that this is the first and last report we do on this story, and nothing comes of these terrible, terrible threats.

[Image via Madeline Buckley/Twitter.]

Jan 5, 2016 4:04pm PDT

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