Teen Mom Star Amber Portwood Gets Candid On Her Dramatic Weight Loss & The ‘Most Intense’ Time Of Her Life

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Amber Portwood has been through a lot in 25 years.

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On Monday, Amber gave a revealing interview on her roller coaster life following the season premiere of Teen Mom OG. From weight loss to where her rocky relationship with ex Gary Shirley stands today, the reality star dished on everything imaginable about her post prison life.

While Portwood’s day to day is typically chock full of drama, there have been a few bright spots in her life, especially where it concerns her weight.

Upon Amb’s release from jail in October 2013, the mom of one decided to get her body back in shape and looking fab.

A.P. explained:

“It’s been a journey. What I had to do when I first got out was focus on staying sober. But I always wanted to lose weight and get healthy again. That was my next step. When I started to feel comfortable with my sobriety, I was like, ‘OK, now it’s time to go an extra step.’ That takes so much out of you that you really have to be dedicated and have the energy to do it. I’ve tried to transform my life into something new since I’ve been out.”

What a positive goal! We’re so glad Amber was able to successfully drop the pounds in a healthy way.

Luckily for the Indiana native, her weight isn’t the only thing she’s trying to get back on track.

Despite tension between Amber and Gary in the season premiere of TM, the engaged gal worked hard throughout filming to repair her relationships and mental health:

“You guys are going to see a part of my life that was a transformation, not only physically but mentally. You’re also going to see me working the hardest that I probably ever have to change the relationship between me and Gary, and getting my daughter back. This is going to be a pretty intense season, I feel. I can’t really say season. It’s a very intense part of my life.”

Yup, “intense” is always the perfect word to describe Portwood! Sounds about right.

As for how the 25-year-old is doing today with the media, she simply responded:

“I do not care… I just don’t give a shit. I’m sorry. I live my life, I make my money, and I take care of my family. That’s all I care about.”

Nice priorities, girl! Hopefully you’ll be able to keep your life in check despite some concerning questions about your fianc├â┬⌐ and his alleged seven kids!

So, do YOU think Amber has changed for the better?

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Jan 5, 2016 5:22pm PST

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