Justin Bieber Admitted To Serious Trust Issues Just Weeks Before His Sexy Insta-Kiss With Hailey Baldwin

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Has Hailey Baldwin finally mended Justin Bieber‘s broken heart?

Just a few weeks before Justin and Hailey’s very public Instagram kiss and steamy tropical vacay, the singer gave a very revealing interview with The Bert Show recorded on December 17 about his complicated love life. Let’s just say Biebs got very candid about his painful past aka his traumatic breakup from Selena Gomez!

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In the sit down, J.B. revealed:

“People take advantage of vulnerability. After a while I started putting up walls and boundaries and for a while I shut everybody out.”

Aww! It’s an understandable feeling considering Bieber has been in the limelight for so long.

The hit maker also went on to explain how difficult it is to maintain a relationship as a performer, explaining:

“I might be on the toaster coming up at a show and just had a fight with my girlfriend.”

Wait, did Justin just admit to having a girlfriend?! The 21-year-old clarified:

“I don’t have a girlfriend.”

Hmm, so this must mean Baldwin and Bieber weren’t official at the time of the recording. Or maybe Justin was playing it cool as to keep his love life private. Who knows!

Considering the confusing pair spent last NYE together and are often caught in romantic embraces, it would make sense they FINALLY decided to make it official for 2016. The two just might make it if Biebs is able to stave off his addiction to pretty models

So, do YOU think the two are together for real?

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Jan 6, 2016 11:56am PST

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