Making A Murderer‘s Steven Avery Claims His Brothers Who Have History Of Sexual Assault May Have Killed Teresa Halbach — Get The Details!

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***WARNING: Making a Murderer Spoilers Below***

Netflix‘s hit docu-series Making a Murderer seems to have new information come to light every day!

The documentary, which premiered on the hit streaming service less than a month ago, follows the the case of Steven Avery who was put on trial for murdering a young woman by the name of Teresa Halbach.

Since the release of the show, we’ve gotten a plethora of extra information about the case from all kinds of people featured in the documentary — including prosecutor Ken Kratz who claims evidence was left out of the film series, defense attorney Dean Strang who stands by his argument, and even the filmmakers who note a juror on the case has since told them the verdict was a “compromise.”

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Some of the most inneresting information to date though, was recently found in legal documents by TMZ! Reports reveal that in documents filed by Steven in 2009 (after his conviction), he states that he believes his two brothers Earl Avery and Charles Avery may have been the ones who killed Teresa.

What’s more troubling is that Steven says both men have a history of sexually assaulting women and one of them was reported to have harassed a woman at the EXACT location where Teresa was seen last! Whoa.

According to the paperwork, Avery’s brother Earl once pled no contest to sexually assaulting his two daughters.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it also states that his brother Charles was charged with sexually assaulting his wife by holding her down and attempting to strangle her with a phone cord before having sex with her. SERIOUSLY?!

The documents also claim that Charles had quite a history of aggression toward women who came to visit the family’s junkyard. One instance included a woman who had showed up to retrieve her car that had been towed and later filed a complaint with the police. Apparently, the woman became afraid of Charles after he started sending her flowers and money, called her constantly, and even showed up at her doorstep.

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The documents go on to say that there was another incident with Charles harassing a woman who bought a car from the junkyard as he, AGAIN, constantly asked her on dates and showed up at her house as well!


If that’s not enough evidence for you, there was reportedly a third woman who claimed Charles repeatedly drove by her house, and allegedly called the woman to tell her he had seen her in her bathing suit when he drove by. Ugh.

What makes this inneresting and relevant to the case is these women were all allegedly harassed by Charles within about a month of the time Teresa went missing. Talk about a coincidence!

Steven says Charles and Earl’s motive would have been because they were fighting over the family business and were jealous of Steven because he was in the middle of a multi-million dollar settlement at the time.

Honestly this documentary was so crazy, we’d believe just about anything at this point!

What do you think really happened?

[Image via Synthesis Films/Netflix.]

Jan 6, 2016 7:55am PDT

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