Rocco Ritchie Reportedly Fled Madonna’s World Tour After THIS Strict Parental Move — Is That Why The Teenager Still Isn’t Home?

madonna took rocco cellphone

Well this has just turned into a mess!

It appears that things remain complicated between exes Madonna and Guy Ritchie as they battle for custody over their teenage son Rocco. In case you forgot, the 15-year-old fled his mother’s Rebel Heart world tour for his filmmaker poppa’s London pad after being at odds with the pop icon.

Like any stubborn teen, the Material Girl’s flesh-and-blood has since refused to return to the U.S. despite having been ordered to come home a while ago.

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A source added:

“He should have been home already. Madonna is a devoted mother, and a big priority is her children’s education.”

Yikes! While Madge may think she’s “devoted,” her son may think she’s just controlling.

According to another source, the youngster decided to live with his dad after his famous momma took away his cellphone. The insider revealed:

“Madonna is quite firm with Rocco and she took his phone from him when it interfered with his studies. She is stricter than Guy and Rocco doesn’t like it. When she took the phone away, it pushed him over the edge.”

Hmm, it seems like a bit of an overreaction on Rocco’s end. But hey, kids will be kids!

Regardless, we have a feeling that this current estrangement may be due to something more extreme than a taken away phone. We can’t be the only ones to think this!

Though, here’s hoping this time apart will only help the feuding mother/son duo. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right??

We guess we’ll just have to wait and see for an answer after the family’s court hearing in February!

[Image via Instagram/Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

Jan 6, 2016 11:18am PDT

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