Is Twitter About To Expand From 140 Characters To 10,000?! See The Evidence & Weigh In!

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We cannot even begin to fathom this.

Twitter has been the No. 2 social media ever since it came onto the scene in 2006… but the company is about to make a move that could either make or break their place in history.

Rumors coming out of the tech world are saying that the social media site is about to drastically change its 140 character limit to a staggering 10,000!

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Apparently, the Facebook competitor noticed that many users have started taking screenshots of paragraphs of text and uploading them as photos, thus bypassing the 140 character limit.

In an effort to make things easier on their accounts, CEO Jack Dorsey sent out a TwitPic of his own on Tuesday strongly hinting that the whispers were true, saying:

Basically, pictures cannot be searched since the files don’t have text, but if you could simply type out your entire thought instead of screenshotting it, then that would make it easier to navigate the site… while also providing about 71 times more potential ad space.

It’s all about money, people!

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While Jack seemed to confirm the change, we’re not positive the change — supposedly going down in March — will actually happen, since the feedback has been overwhelmingly negative.

People may complain about the character limit now, but it’s also what makes Twitter so unique.

What do U think about the proposed 10,000 limit??


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Jan 6, 2016 11:30am PDT

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