50 Cent Attempts To Reduce $7 Million Dollar Ruling In Sex Tape Prank Case — Will His Bankruptcy Status Actually Pay Off?

50 cent attempts to reduce ruling

Mo NO money, mo problems!

On Thursday, it was revealed that 50 Cent AKA Curtis Jackson is attempting to reduce the $7 million payout he was ordered to pay to Lastonia Leviston. As we previously reported, the Candy Shop rapper edited himself into a sex tape featuring Rick Ross‘ baby momma and her then boyfriend Maurice Murray as part of his feud with Rick.

Of course, the judge found Fiddy guilty of violating Miz Leviston’s civil rights and causing her emotional distress — he was ordered to write a HUGE check. To make matters worse, this ruling came shortly before the A-lister filed for bankruptcy. Yikes!

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Apparently, Curtis is too strapped for cash to make the payment and is asking the judge to decrease the ordered sum from $7 million to $1.6 million. Supposedly, 50 feels that this amount is fair since the initial award was mainly for emotional damages and the rest is “excessive.”

We KNOW that won’t make Lastonia too happy — especially since she’s recently challenged the expenses filed by Jackson’s team. This is definitely about to get pretty messy.

What do YOU think?! Should 50 really have to shell out $7 million for his prank??

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Jan 7, 2016 1:03pm PST

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