Craig Strickland’s Widow Gives Her First TV Interview — Emotionally Opens Up About Their Last Interaction Before His Tragic Death

Craig and Helen Strickland

Helen Strickland tragically lost her husband Craig Strickland this week after a fatal hunting trip during winter storm Goliath.

The country singer’s friend Chase Morland was also found dead a week prior to the discovery of Craig’s body.

In her first TV interview since the devastating loss of her 29-year-old husband, Helen remembered the last moments she spent with her love — and how she wouldn’t trade the precious interaction for the world.

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With a smile on her face, the former Miss Arkansas shared on CNN:

“We also have a black cat named Salem that we like to make up songs about. We just finished being at his mom’s house and his dad’s house, coming back to our apartment to spend a little time together before he was going to go on this hunting trip. We sang songs and made up lyrics about Salem, singing it to Santa, Baby we sang “Salem, Baby” instead.

And God really gave us an opportunity to be happier than we’ve ever been. I mean those moments, I can’t look back for a single second and say that I would take back anything or that I wish something would have been better. We laid on the couch, and I rubbed his chest, and we talked. We talked about Harry Potter, ’cause I love Harry Potter, and we joked. He walked out the door and he looked at me and he said, ‘I love you’ and blew me a kiss and said ‘I’ll talk to you soon.’ And he walked out. I wouldn’t change anything about that.”


We can’t begin to imagine what she’s going through right now.

Lastly, she offered an update on the family, who holds onto hope for God’s plan:

“We’re actually doing a lot better probably than people were expecting, more than any of us could expect. God has really helped us get through this. Everybody sharing their love for Craig and telling how much they loved him helps us get through this really difficult time. It’s all in God’s hands and there’s a reason for all of this. Instead of letting it hurt us, we’re going to try to do something good.”

Our thoughts continue to be with all of Craig’s loved ones.

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Jan 7, 2016 4:44pm PDT

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