Justin Bieber Reportedly Gets Kicked Out Of Ancient Mayan Ruins For Exposing His Weiner & MORE!

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Really, Justin Bieber?

On Thursday afternoon, Justin disrespected centuries of Mayan culture with some rude and immature behavior. In fact, the ruins in question go back as far as 564 A.D.!

According to witnesses, Justin was touring the Tulum ruins off the Mexican Caribbean coast with gal pal Hailey Baldwin when he decided to climb some sectioned off parts of the site. When a security guard asked J.B. to avoid the non-tourist areas, he ignored them and quickly resumed his climb.

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Once the official yelled at Jussy a second time, the two got into a war of words. The singer also reportedly showed off his well-endowed pee pee in a final act of defiance.

Not one to be trifled with, the security guard called for police to escort Biebs off the premises. While tempers had cooled down at the time of their arrival, the 21-year-old was still removed from the location.

Onlookers reveal Justin was clearly “under the effects of alcohol” and allege he threw out cans of beer before entering the ruins.

Sigh. When will Bieber finally give up his immature behavior? At this point the training wheels should be OFF!

So, are YOU surprised by this outburst?

[Image via Instagram.]

Jan 8, 2016 12:14pm PDT

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