This Man Signed A Penis On His Driver’s License, And The Government Is PISSED!

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Well, this is a new one.

Jared Hyams, an Australian man looking for a new identification after a change of address, decided to have a little fun with the signature on his ID card — and now it’s completely backfiring on him!

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The 33-year-old man jokingly signed his ID in the shape of a penis, not expecting the Australian Electoral Commission to care very much about it one way or the other… and boy was he wrong!

Now, the man has been battling both state and federal governments down under for the last five years (!!!) to prove the signature is legitimate.

Hyams told reporters:

“I thought it would be a laugh; they would approve it and next year I would sign something different. But when I did this signature all of a sudden the sh*t hit the fan. I was receiving letters and phone calls telling me I couldn’t have it. I thought, that’s interesting, why not?”

The sh*t hit the fan, indeed — Hyams was so taken aback by the heat he took from the government over his new signature, that he started a course in law that will grant him a degree later this year, just to learn to better fight the AEC who tried to crack down on his John Hancock:

“It sparked something in me. I didn’t understand if these people were offended or had taken it personally.”

Victoria, the state in which Hyams lives, initially rejected the signature claiming it was offensive, too easily copied, and could create confusion on legal documents.

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Hyams fought the decision in court, and after years fighting over his driver’s license, passport, and other official government documents, Hyams’ penis signature story is now going viral.

Hyams may have a case, too — he spoke to reporters about signatures:

“What a signature is comes down to the function, not the actual form. Generally, it’s a person putting a mark on a piece of paper by their own hand. As soon as you start defining what a signature is you run into problems – if it’s meant to be someone’s name how do we define that because most signatures are just illegible scribble.”


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What do U think — should this man deserve five years in court against the government because he signed a penis on his driver’s license?!

Let us know in the comments (below) — and don’t just draw penises there either! Or do, that’s fine too. LOLz!

[Image via Beau Donelly/Twitter.]

Jan 8, 2016 5:24pm PDT

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