Steve-O LOSES IT On Radio Host After GF Kat Von D’s Past Romance With Sandra Bullock’s Ex Jesse James Is Referenced!

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Caution: do NOT mess with Steve-O‘s new relationship with Kat Von D!

On Friday, Steve paid a visit to a popular radio show called The Wease and let’s just say it did NOT go well. While the stuntman is typically chill, something set him off when the host made note of Kat’s past romantic connection to Sandra Bullock‘s ex — Jesse James!

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Check out transcribed snippets from the exchange (below)!

Wease, referencing Kat’s ties to Jesse/Sandra: “We’re proud to have three degrees from Sandra Bullock.”

Steve-O: “Oh god, please — I’m not going there. Just stop that.”

Wease: “I think he’s pissed, I see him.”

Steve-O: “I mean…nah, it’s all good. I’m not mad at you. We’re good.”

Wease: “Who knew? You told Joe Ventura nothing is off limits.”

Steve-O: “You’re messing with my girl. I take that as blatant disrespect to my girl.”

Despite O’s warning to the shock jock, he continues to pick at the daredevil. At one point the Jack Ass star accuses the Wease of purposely trying to egg him on.

Yikes! Maybe Steve-O is a bit sensitive after spending time in jail earlier this month. Or maybe he’s just really into Kat!

So, whose side are YOU on?

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Jan 8, 2016 3:11pm PDT

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