Rapper Blac Youngsta Detained By Police In Case Of Mistaken Identity, And He Had The Greatest Reaction To It — Read HERE!

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This situation isn’t funny, but the rapper’s reaction to it is HIGHlarious!

Blac Youngsta, a Memphis-based rapper, was in Atlanta on Saturday night when he decided he wanted to buy a new car.

No problem, right?! The rapper did what anybody would do: he went to the bank to grab some cash.

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Well, $200,000 in cash (!!!) later, and Blac Youngsta is walking out of the Wells Fargo with money in hand when Atlanta police officers rush up to him, draw their guns, and order him to the ground.

What the what?! Scary!!!

Apparently, simultaneously at that same bank, there was another man attempting to cash a forged $24,000 check — and police were called for that, where they mistook the musician to be the suspect.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt, and the rapper was freed very quickly, despite sharing the photo of himself being detained (above).

In response to all this, Atlanta police sergeant Warren Pickard confirmed it was a case of mistaken identity:

“The description of the male provided was limited and conflicting. It was quickly discovered that the person providing the description to the police had provided the wrong description of the suspect.”

Yeah, no kidding.

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But Blac Youngsta himself had the single greatest reaction to it, telling reporters:

“I come out the bank, I see the police, I’m walking to my car. I see one of them point to my bag like ‘him.’ They come bum-rushing me at the car, put me on the ground, putting guns to my head. I’m finna’ go buy a vehicle. They got that new Mercedes out, you know, like the Maybach. But they just really made me so mad, I don’t even want one ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ I might go buy a Ferrari now. I feel fast, you know.”

LOLz!!!! We know, Blac, we know.


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Seriously, though — at least police realized their mistake very quickly, and nobody got hurt.

[Image via Blac Youngsta/Facebook.]

Jan 10, 2016 5:09pm PST

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