You Won’t BELIEVE This Racist New York Village Seal Is Real — Or How Many Residents Voted To Keep It!

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No, this is not an image from Parks and Recreation.

The village of Whitesboro in New York was recently criticized for their questionably racist seal (above) that appears to show a white man choking a Native American.

Whitesboro’s website claims the seal depicts a friendly wrestling” between the founder Hugh White and an Oneida Indian.

Thankfully, the village considered changing it and put the seal to a vote on Monday night after a petition was posted online by an out-of-towner who took offense to the image.

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Yeeeeah, apparently the vote didn’t work out so well.

After the votes were in, SOMEHOW the image — which appears on village trucks, police cars, signs, and all sorts of documents — will remain as the village’s seal by an overwhelming 157 to 55 vote.

Whitesboro clerk and historian Dana Miney-Olney said that residents were shown several drawings that they could vote on, including settlers and Indians standing together.

If you’re not shocked yet, this isn’t the first time that the image came under some fire. Back in the ’70s, a notice of claim was filed after people took offense of the original image which showed the founder’s hands around the Native American’s neck, instead of his shoulders.

Nimey-Olney even tried to defend the image saying:

“Whitesboro views this seal as a moment in time when good relations were fostered. It is a wrestling match, part of the history, and nothing more.”

Joel Barkin, a spokesperson for the Oneida Indian Nation, disagrees; he feels people view the seal as depicting violence against Native Americans.

Do YOU buy that they’re just wrestling? Or should the very questionable image have been changed?!

[Image via Village of Whitesboro.]

Jan 12, 2016 3:56pm PDT

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