Jessica Simpson Is Beyond Generous With Ashlee Simpson’s Daughter & Buys The Tiny Tot Her First Set Of Diamond Studs!

jessica simpson diamonds for niece

Diamonds are a baby girl’s best friend, right?

Apparently, that’s what Jessica Simpson believes.

While walking the red carpet for the YMA FSF Geoffrey Beene National Scholarship Awards dinner, the blonde beauty revealed she is already spoiling her 5-month-old niece.

In the recent interview, the fashion designer dished that she bought Ashlee Simpson‘s daughter Jagger her first pair of diamond studs. Wait, what?

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She explained:

“I bought Jagger her first diamond studs for Christmas, so she’s swaggin. I got her a black diamond stud and a white diamond stud, so we’re good. She’ll always know that I gave her her first diamonds.”

Is it just us, or is that a tad much? HA!

Though we shouldn’t be so shocked by this admission since Miz Simpson’s own kiddos with Eric Johnson are budding fashionistas. The mother-of-two shared:

“My kids have more fashion sense than I do. My son Ace won’t leave home without a fedora. Maxwell judges all of us on our outfits. She tries to pick out everything.”

So, with two tiny minims — is the 35-year-old eager to have a third baby?? The answer is… No!

She noted:

“Oh, God! No, no, no, no. No babies for me in the near future. Two is good. I got a girl and a boy.”

Bummer! Regardless, Jessica is far too busy directing her attention towards other projects, such as acting.

So Jessica, if you don’t want anymore children you’ll buy US some diamond studs instead, right?? WE KID.

[Image via WENN.]

Jan 13, 2016 2:29pm PST

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