Steven Avery’s Girlfriend Says He’s Loving All The Support He’s Been Getting From Making A Murderer Fans

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He deserves some happiness… doesn’t he?

Steven Avery has become one of the most talked about people in the country this past month thanks to his docu-series Making a Murderer.

The Netflix drama follows the trials of Steven and his nephew Brendan Dassey as they’re eventually convicted of murdering and raping Teresa Halbach.

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What makes the piece so engrossing, however, is that many viewers believe that Steven is actually innocent — or at the very least, the victim of an unjust trial.

Luckily, the 53-year-old is armed with a new lawyer and just appealed the decision having sat in a jail since 2005… and he couldn’t be happier!

According to his longtime girlfriend Sandy Greenman, Steven is positively overjoyed that so many people are on his side:

“Right now, Steven’s in a really good place! It’s not just the lawyer, it’s the people. It makes him smile.

It’s a firestorm. I didn’t expect it to be this big. We have messages from all over, different countries, different states. It’s nice to know that people support us — It just seems like it gives more hope to Steve.”

The court of public opinion is certainly on your side, Steven!

Do U think Steven and Brendan deserve a retrial??

[Image via Netflix.]

Jan 13, 2016 5:17pm PST

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