Hilary Duff Pays Tribute To Lizzie McGuire & Her Costars With This Sweet Video For The Show’s 15th Anniversary!

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The nostalgia!!!!

This week we celebrated the 15th (?!) anniversary of the classic Disney hit Lizzie McGuire — so it’s only right we hear from Lizzie Hilary Duff herself!!

The now-28-year-old adult was once just a simple teen with a cartoon alter ego trying to figure out the meaning of life… just like the rest of us!! And now, she’s not forgetting where she came from.

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In an Instagram tribute to the show and her costars, the Texas native penned:

“Happy 15 year anniversary#lizziemcguire thank you to everyone who helped made this show great! I know we were are grateful to be a part of your lives and hope we made you smile and feel like you had a friend in us├ó┬¥┬ñ├»┬╕┬Å @[email protected] @[email protected] @hallietodd @[email protected]

Aww! How sweet!

Even Lizzie’s total frenemy Kate (Ashlie Brillault) got a shout out!

Among the others are Duff’s onscreen best friends Lalaine (Miranda) and Adam Lamberg (Gordo), Jake Thomas (Lizzie’s younger brother Matt), Robert Carradin (Lizzie’s dad Sam), Hallie Todd (Lizzie’s mom Joanne), and Clayton Snyder (popular boy Ethan).

Watch the sentimental clip (below)!

LOVES it! Thanks for the throwback, Hilz!

Jan 14, 2016 11:37am PST

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