New Instagram Feature Finally Lets You See Who Follows You — And Who Doesn’t!

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Dying to know who’s following you on Instagram??

Unlike Twitter and Facebook, IG has heretofor been pretty secretive about follows; you can tell who YOU follow, but not who follows YOU.

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Well all that is about to change!

Photographer Anthony Quintano was one of the first IG users to notice the new trend — though he shared the exciting news on another social networking site:

Now Instagram’s search function will tell you if someone follows you, if you follow them, AND if anyone you follow follows them!

It’s a beautiful web…

Unfortunately, IG seems to just be testing the feature for now as not everyone has access to it. But we’re guessing if demand is high enough, they won’t have a choice!

So… do YOU need this in your life??

[Image via Instagram.]

Jan 14, 2016 4:18pm PDT

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