Teen Mom 3‘s Mackenzie McKee Rushed To The Hospital For Diabetes Complications!

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What a scary situation!

According to those close to Mackenzie McKee Douthit, the mom of two was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday night after suffering from complications related to diabetes. The blonde was diagnosed at eleven years old.

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Mack’s fam thought hospitalization was necessary after she spent an entire night violently throwing up. Not to mention the former reality star found her blood sugar levels “dangerously high” after taking a home test.

Yikes! Check out a troubling post the Texas native shared a few months before her health scare (below)!

I turn 21 this month, and that marks a whole decade I have been diagnosed with this disease. 10 years of trial and error, 10 years of trying to figure it all out. I learn something new everyday. I pray to God for no more sickness every day. I turned to fitness and health, reaching out to help others everyday. I have break downs when things just are not going right. I cry to my mom I cry to josh I cry to God many times a month. I know there is a big reason God gave me this disease I just don’t understand why yet. I will figure it out to a T and then the next month I’m back to being sick again without changing a thing. I meet some diabetics who can eat 1 candy bar and be fine, where I can eat half a granola bar and be sick as a dog for the rest of the day. My body is unique and very very brittle. And for 10 years I have been carrying this around taking 4-7 shots a day and checking my glucose 5-10 times a day. I have refused to go to a pump and always told myself I can do life without one. I have prayed and prayed about what I should do and with all my followers I notice a lot of you are diabetics, a doctor, or know a lot about the disease yourself. So hopefully with no negative comments I want personal experiences shared bellow and. Thoughts and opinions. How do you feel about switching from shots to a pump. What has it done for you or a loved one? Dos you have better control, what did it do to your life, your weight, anything you can share with me. We as humans should be able to come together to uplift and help one another out. Not cut each other down. So thoughts and opinions would be appreciated as I’m finally getting over myself and considering a pump.A photo posted by Mackenzie (Douthit) Mckee (@mackenzietaymckee) on Oct 3, 2015 at 6:24pm PDT

Woah. It’s clear the disease is a huge struggle.

While Mackenize is doing a lot better now, she will remain hospitalized until her blood sugar levels even out. Luckily the Teen Mom star has her momma and husband Josh Douthit by her side.

Hopefully M.D. will cool it with her body building fitness regimen — her loved ones fear that’s what sent her body into a downward spiral.

[Image via Instagram.]

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