Is American Idol ACTUALLY Ending?! The Judges Don’t Seem Convinced…

Plus find out which of Idol's famous faces will return to the show!

Well, this is an interesting opinion.

On Friday, American Idol exec Trish Kinane appeared at the Television Critics Association alongside the popular program’s famous faces to discuss the farewell season of FOX‘s flagship show.

She explained that, even though the network pulled the plug on the singing competition, the premiere of its fifteenth installment had the best year-to-year retention in six years!

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She said:

“It’s been an amazing run and it’s still a healthy show.”

So healthy, in fact, that it doesn’t seem like the judges are entirely convinced that it’s actually ending! When a reporter referred to this season as the “final” season, Harry Connick Jr. was quick to correct, clarifying:

“They’re calling it the farewell season.”

In the reporter’s defense it sort of seems like farewell and final both mean the same thing. And considering the series has been axed, it doesn’t appear as though mixing up those words would really matter, right?

Wrong, according to Keith Urban, who chimed in:

“I think the Eagles have had a least three farewell tours.”

Jennifer Lopez also isn’t one hundred percent sold that Idol will be off the air for good after the season runs its course, adding:

“You never know with a format like this ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ it’s possible. Whether they’re making a mistake, if that’s the feeling, right now, that’s their feeling├óΓé¼┬ª.At the end of the day you never know.”

Even the show’s host, Ryan Seacrest, revealed that an earlier conversation with network execs got him questioning the cancellation, saying:

“I was just speaking to Gary [Newman] and Dana [Walden] before the session. The numbers look great this season and we’re all pleased people are watching, and some are coming back to watch├óΓé¼┬ªDoes that mean it’s the end? I’m not so sure.”

Plus, there’s a possibility that the numbers could only get better from here on out, considering Trish also announced that two HUGE Idol alums will be returning!

She revealed that the show’s first-ever winner, Kelly Clarkson, will appear during the first live show as a guest judge, and that the notoriously difficult-to-impress Simon Cowell will be a part of the finale.

The original Idol is also in talks to join the music exec for the final episode of the season, but isn’t sure if she’ll be available because her baby is due around that time.

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[Image via FOX.]

Jan 15, 2016 7:38pm PDT

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