Game Of Thrones‘ Maisie Williams May Have Just Given The Biggest Hint Yet About The Fate Of Jon Snow!

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Like the rest of the Game Of Thrones cast, Maisie Williams is running out of ways to withhold information about the upcoming season!

But the actress may have just given away the biggest spoiler yet about the fate of the supposedly dead Jon Snow!

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Speaking on the red carpet at the London Film Critics’ Circle Awards on Sunday night, the 18-year-old opened up to online magazine The Upcoming about season 6 of the HBO fantasy series — maybe more than she should have!

Discussing the subject of Kit Harington‘s beloved character Jon Snow’s fate, Williams said:

“I feel so mean because I speak to people and they’re all like ├óΓé¼╦£Jon Snow, is he back?’ and it’s like really heartbreaking because people are like ├óΓé¼╦£yeah, but he’s coming back though?’ It’s a great twist but I can’t say he’s going to be alive.”

Does that mean what we think it means!?

It could very support the early fan theory that the betrayed Night’s Watchman will be brought back from the dead from the power of the red god R’hllor.

Melisandre, who practices the same blood magic, was conveniently located at the wall when we saw her last in the Season 5 finale!

HBO U.K.’s Twitter seemed to tease the same theory over the weekend, posting:

Hmm… the evidence does line up pretty seamlessly!

As for Williams, she is looking forward to a more exciting storyline in season 6 for Arya Stark, admitting that she felt her character was “sweeping floors” for most of last season! We’re with you on that one, girl!

Find out what happens when GoT returns on April 24!

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Jan 18, 2016 2:28pm PDT

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