Remember That Taco Bell Exec Who Got Drunk And Assaulted An Uber Driver? Now HE’S Suing For Millions!

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This is crazy!!!

Remember that absurd drunk guy who punched an Uber driver and then got fired from Taco Bell back in November?!

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Well, he’s back… and the 32-year-old now wants MILLIONS of dollars — despite being the guy charged with assault!!

Benjamin Golden, the former Taco Bell exec and infamous backseat assailant, is now suing Edward Caban — the Uber driver that night — for $5 million!


According to Golden’s story, the in-car video was apparently recorded without his consent, which he feels is worth millions of dollars.

Never mind the fact that Golden was the one who committed a crime, of course — he pleaded not guilty to assault charges — that kind of logic won’t stand with this hothead!

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Caban sued the former fast food exec for $25,000 in damages back in November, which is obviously a far more realistic amount of money.

Also back in November, Golden spoke to CBS about his shock — and broke down crying — when watching the footage on YouTube:

“It’s not me in the video, it’s not me. It was hard to watch and I’m ashamed.”


Sure seems like he’s changed his tune.

Do you think he deserves $5 MILLION though?!?!

[Image via YouTube/CBS.]

Jan 18, 2016 1:55pm PDT

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