Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s Rachel Bloom Brilliantly Addresses Double Standards Towards Women In Hollywood!

You tell 'em, Rachel!

We love Rachel Bloom‘s character on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and we love her even more IRL!

On Friday, the brunette beauty sat down with The Huffington Post to address the double standards women face when working in Hollywood and entertainment.

The 28-year-old opened up to HuffPost Live:

“On the show we talk about the contradictory messages women are given, but it’s funny because women are praised for looking young, ‘Oh, at her age she looks so young!’ Yet if it’s found out that they had plastic surgery, it’s, ‘Oh, that phony bitch! She had plastic surgery!'”

SO true!

Video: Watch Rachel Accept Her Critics’ Choice Award!

The actress continued to touch upon the bullsh*t catch-22, adding:

“What do you expect people to do if you’re not going to give them parts when they have a crow’s foot, and then they go and get Botox and you’re like, ‘Oh, why don’t you just be yourself!'”

The gorgeous gal — who recently took home a Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Award for her work on The CW show — explained just how fine of a line women have to walk in this industry, revealing:

“It’s hard. It’s double talk and double standards. It’s like, be honest, but don’t be too honest. Look fresh-faced and young, but don’t tell us how you got there. God forbid you have plastic surgery, even though we’re telling you, ‘Oh, you look old.’ Be a career woman, but also why aren’t you having kids? Are you some kind of cold shrew?'”

The lovely lady dished that writing helps her handle the frustration of these double standards, saying:

“I think writing and creating feels like it’s given me power over that, it feels like a way for me to take control of my own image,” she says. “I think in my heart I’m more a writer than an actor because writers don’t have to worry about appearance, you just have to worry about what’s on the page…. I’m still in this place of what’s best for the joke, not what’s best for how my waist looks in this top.”

Yo go, girl! We love that Rachel isn’t afraid to call industry pros on their sh*t!

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Jan 19, 2016 2:24pm PDT

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