The Bachelor Got Crazy Last Night! Get Caught Up On The Love, Loss, Shock, And… Psychic Powers!

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Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor got real! And real cray!

Sadly, Ben Higgins suffered a personal loss; it was announced that two longtime family friends had been killed in a plane crash.

But that wasn’t even the most dramatic moment of the evening…

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The show has now officially descended into catfight territory, and Jubilee Sharpe has become the girl to watch!

The Haitian war veteran from Fort Lauderdale, Florida finally got herself a one-on-one date with Ben, but there was plenty of drama both before and after — and it all started when she didn’t seem so excited to go up in a helicopter with him for the afternoon!

That put off the rest of the girls in the house, but what really set them off were Jubilee’s actions when Ben revealed he had suffered the loss of his family friends — already armed with a rose from her date, Jubilee took one-on-one time with Ben during a group event, and that did NOT sit well with the girls.

The drama came down hard, and Jubilee ran upstairs to privacy — only to have Ben come rescue her.

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The girl attack, led by Amber, TOTALLY backfired — Ben was direct and caring with Jubilee:

“If you need to talk to me, come find me.”

Whoa!!! One-on-one date, an early rose, and THAT?! Is Jubilee the new frontrunner??

It wasn’t just Jubes-centered drama, though — Lace brought out the big guns by shocking Ben at the end of the episode, even upstaging the US Women’s National Soccer Team when Alex Morgan and Kelley O’Hara showed up to coach the girls in a little soccer competition on the group date.

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Before the rose ceremony could even begin, Lace pulled Ben outside for a little chat:

“I have a lot to work on myself. I just feel like going home might be easier. You can’t love somebody else until you truly love yourself, and I don’t know if I truly love myself yet. I think it’s better that I go.”

You got it, Lace! One down, two more to go…

And those two would be Jami and Shushanna.

But you don’t think we forgot about crazy Olivia Caridi, did you?!

The girl who is quickly being made out to be this season’s super villain was revealed to have an insane preparation for the show — she bought nearly $40,000 worth of clothes! And on the group date the other women proceeded to make fun of her toes, breasts, and bad breath.

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That wasn’t all for Olivia, though — the professional broadcaster (who would let this person on TV?!) also claimed she and Ben didn’t need to talk as much because they were communicating… telepathically.

Yeah, she cray.

What’d U think of this week’s episode of The Bachelor?!

Jan 19, 2016 10:07am PDT

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