Tina Simpson Enjoys A WILD Birthday With Her Sons-In-Law — Did The Momma Go Too Far?

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Tina Simpson really knows how to party!

On January 18, Tina celebrated her wild 56th birthday with her two sons-in-law, Eric Johnson and Evan Ross. By the looks of the slightly uncomfortable pics, the close knit fam had an amazing time!

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In the snap (above), Simpson takes family bonding to a whole new level as she poses with Eric’s head between her legs. Not to mention Jessica Simpson‘s husband also decided to show off his impressive flexibility by spreading his long gams for the awkward photo.

Woah! What’s going on here?! Did T.S. and Eric have one too many margaritas or what?!

But wait, the grandmother didn’t stop the good times there! Check out Tina striking a pose alongside Ashlee Simpson‘s husband Evan Ross (below)!

Blessed by the 2 best son in laws!!!A photo posted by Tina Simpson (@tinersimpson) on Jan 18, 2016 at 4:59pm PST

LOLz! The Texas native is really in a loving mood — glad everyone is getting along! So, how did fans react to these inneresting images? Take a look at some responses (below)!

“tkaye73: Weird photo. His head is in your privates.tinersimpson: Weirder than you … Yes thank God!pagoots: I love you crazy wonderful souls!! Happy birthday @tinersimpson – living it up alwaysxoxoramon3964: Inappropriate?? Thot.”

Ha! We love how Jess’ momma happily declared herself “weird”! Way to live your truth, girl!Hopefully Tina’s impending wedding to her landscaper fianc├â┬⌐ Jon Goldstein is just as crazy as her latest b-day party. We have a feeling the reception is going to be NUTS.So, what do YOU think of the pics?

[Image via Instagram.]

Jan 19, 2016 12:02pm PDT

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