Amy Schumer Defends Herself Against Stolen Joke Allegations — ‘I’ll Literally Take A Polygraph’!

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Amy Schumer is tearing apart those joke stealing allegations!

On Wednesday, Schumer appeared on Jim Norton‘s radio show to dispel rumors that she’s a bonafide joke stealer. Not only did the blonde provide ample evidence to the contrary, she also volunteered to take a lie detector test to prove her innocence!

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The actress said of the hurtful claims:

“I would just never do that. This is what happens — people build people up then rip them down when they have some success.”

Sounds like an all too common story! Amy is super hot right now, after all!

The funny woman also brought up the fact that she never even saw the comedy specials she allegedly stole from. A.S. even brought up the fact that it’s strange and non-sensical to hold on to jokes for almost a decade and then to share them at the most public time in her life (aka the most opportune time to be caught).

As for who the celeb thinks is the center at this storm, she named comedienne Tammy Pescatelli. Amy explained how she thinks this scandal is Tammy’s ploy for fame, adding:

“I think this was Tammy’s trying to get something going.”

Yikes. What a horrible situation if true!

Check out the revealing, candid, and VERY interesting interview (below)!

Woah, there’s so much to dissect here! We’re just glad Amy went on the air to tell her TRUTH!

[Image via Comedy Central.]

Jan 20, 2016 6:44pm PDT

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