Big Sean Is Doing Amazing Work For The Water Crisis In Michigan! Get The Charitable Deet!

Big Sean's latest IG pics.

Big Sean has such a kind heart!

According to the rapper, he has plans to help out the water crisis victims in Flint, Michigan and he’s encouraging all of his fans to pitch in as well.

For those who don’t know, the city of Flint is in trouble following a 2014 water supply switch from Detroit to a local water source. Unfortunately for the town’s residents, the supply was found to contain high levels of lead which grossly affected MANY children. The situation is especially sad since high lead levels can lead to developmental delays and other health problems.

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Water quality expert Marc Edwards said of the disgusting scandal:

“It exposes a new level of arrogance and uncaring that I have never encountered.”

Luckily for the city, former Michigan resident Sean has donated $10 thousand dollars to help Flint recover. Not to mention B.S. is also awarding five fans who donate $10 dollars or more to a meet and greet, photo op, and special tickets to one of his concerts this year.

How amazing! We bet the kids of Flint really appreciate the singer’s help!

For those interested in helping the cause you can donate HERE!

[Image via Instagram.]

Jan 21, 2016 5:09pm PDT

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