Did Chipotle Try To Cover Up Those Norovirus Outbreaks?! This New Lawsuit Has Some Damning Claims…

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We certainly hope they wouldn’t intentionally put people at risk…

Chipotle is one of the fastest growing fast food chains in America, but that progression may come to a halt if this lawsuit proves to have some truth behind it.

As we reported back in November, the Mexican grill was forced to shut down 43 of its stores in Oregon and Washington after experiencing an E.Coli outbreak that affected more than 20 people.

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Then in December, 80 students at Boston College suffered gastrointestinal issues from the food, and now the chain is facing its biggest lawsuit yet.

That’s because a new claim is alleging that the Simi Valley location linked to the very first norovirus outbreak back in August tried to fix the problem on their own before contacting public health officials!

According to the civil suit, the kitchen manager who first got sick continued to work for two days before the store was forced to close due to 17 of its employees showing E.Coli symptoms… except the building instead put up a sign telling customers they simply had a staff shortage!

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Then after throwing out the tainted food and bleaching the appliances, thus destroying any implicating evidence against them, they decided to notify the county… but not before 234 people became ill.

Do U think this Chipotle location is responsible for getting so many people sick?

Or is this just a peril that comes with being part of the food industry??

[Image via Chipotle/Instagram.]

Jan 21, 2016 5:44pm PDT

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