Maci Bookout’s Fianc├â┬⌐ Taylor McKinney Defends His Proposal In A Heart Melting Way!

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Maci Bookout snagged herself a good one.

Just two days after Taylor McKinney proposed to the Teen Mom star, haters flooded a Facebook Q&A to share their suspicions about the happy moment.

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Unfortunately, a lot of fans think Maci pressured Taylor into proposing since a recent episode of TM captured the pair arguing about their relationship status. Bookout felt like Tay should have popped the question at that point considering she gave birth to their first child back in May of 2015.

On the flip side, the bearded dude felt like they shouldn’t rush the issue even though marriage was the ultimate goal. McKinney was just waiting for the perfect moment!

Check out some of the tense, revealing, and even happy exchanges (below)!

“Fan: Why did you let Maci pressure you into proposing?? I felt it was childish for her to say you guys should just end things if you weren’t going to do it

Taylor: You get to see a small portion of it. Don’t get it twisted. And that comment was about that conversation at the moment, not ending our relationship.

Fan: How long did you have it planned like that?

Taylor: The proposal just came together last minute. But I had been working on the ring with Tara at Ring Finger Studios for a couple months.

Fan: What made you finally propose?? Just curious!! Congrats!!

Taylor: I told myself I didn’t care what anybody else had to say, I was gonna do it when I felt the time was right. And when it hit me I just went with it.

Fan: Why did you feel it was ok to have a baby with someone but not marry them? No disrespect.

Taylor :Well that wasn’t planned but why should I rush a proposal just because we had a baby. I wanted it to still be special to her. It might not be considered the “right way” but it’s the way we ended up and we’re all good. Loving every minute of it.

Fan: Congrats to you and Maci! Did you ask Bentley if it was okay to marry his mom? Lol

Taylor: I absolutely did, that was very important to me.”

Aww, so sweet! We’re glad to hear T.M. defend his lady and their love!

Check out a snap of the proposal (below)! which will air on MTV sometime in the future:

💯 @macideshanebookoutA photo posted by ™ (@tmon3yyy) on Jan 19, 2016 at 7:50pm PST

How cute! We’re so happy for the pair.

So, do YOU think the engagement was rushed?

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Jan 21, 2016 2:39pm PDT

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