Deplorable! Man Arrested For Abuse After Forcing Girlfriend To Walk Down The Street Naked — And Uploading The Video Online!

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How does this happen in modern day society?

Jason Melo forced his girlfriend to parade naked down the streets of New York City in the freezing cold on Sunday while he recorded the degrading incident on his phone.

According to reports, the sick misogynist punched his 22-year-old girlfriend in the face and choked her in front of their 3-year-old child — but Melo wasn’t quite satisfied with the abuse he put her through.

The 24-year-old then ordered his girlfriend to walk out on the streets of Harlem wearing nothing but a towel, and allegedly threatened to kill her if she refused to follow his command.

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Once outside, the abuser ripped the towel off the mortified woman and recorded her walking down the street completely naked in freezing temperatures.

The recording shows the woman attempting to cover herself and hiding between parked cars to avoid being seen as Melo taunts her in Spanish, bragging about how he will post the video online — which he did.

The video was so unsettling, NYC’s First Lady Chirlane McCray posted a response:

“Earlier this week a video emerged that depicted intimate partner violence on a sidewalk in our city. The video displayed verbal abuse, forced humiliation, and harassment by the alleged offender, directed at his wife. Posting that video online perpetuated the abuse, which New York City does not tolerate. We are steadfast in our efforts to make sure all victims of abuse are aware of the many resources available as we strive to make New York City’s public and private spaces safe for all women and girls.”

Melo was arrested on Wednesday, and awaits charges of choking, child abuse, coercion, and assault.

We have no words. Hopefully, he’ll be charged on all accounts and get the punishment he deserves — and this incident shines a light on what abuse victims go through every day.

[Image via LiveLeak.]

Jan 21, 2016 4:21pm PDT

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